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Commencement 1999

"May we here today be exhilarated"

Five Receive Honorary Degrees
154th Commencement Facts

Student Awards
Brittain Award: Cameron N. Welborn '99L
McMullan Award: Brant D. Brown '99C

Ones to Watch
Brian M. Oubre'99C
Katrina R. Samuels '99C
Stephanie M. Denton '99C

Kenya K. Hansford '99B
Jason R. Howard '99B

Oxford College Commencement
Millennial musings
"You have given us yourself"


Millennial Musings

Oxford Commencement speaker Horace J. Johnson '77Ox-'79B bade students to reflect upon the paths that led them to where they are today.

On Saturday, May 8, Oxford College bid farewell to two hundred and sixty-five associate of arts graduates and one dean, William H. Murdy, who led Oxford since 1987.

Commencement speaker Horace J. Johnson '77Ox-'79B, a Covington attorney and a member of the Oxford Board of Counselors, reflected on American society on the eve of the third millennium and the graduates' places in it.

"We have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways but narrower views," Johnson said. "We spend more but have less; we buy more but enjoy less; we have bigger houses for smaller families, more conveniences but less time. But if we dwell upon our conveniences and hope to take them with us into the next century, I submit to you that they will not really take us where we hope to go--if we do not take the time to remember, to value, and to reflect upon where we have come from and, more importantly, how we actually got to this point and place in time."

Associate Dean of Campus Life Joseph C. Moon Jr. presented the Eady Sophomore Award to Amee V. Tejani for her "ebullient spirit" and "random acts of kindness."

The Eady Sophomore Award, Oxford's highest student honor, was presented to Amee V. Tejani, a Dean's Scholar who has served as co-president of the women's support group ReVision, as founder and president of Outdoor Oxford, and as a spring-break volunteer at a women's crisis center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

"Amee, those who know you well will understand that being here now and being publicly praised is not your idea of a good time," said Joseph C. Moon Jr., associate dean of campus life. "In fact, it is partly because of your disinterest in the spotlight and extrinsic awards that you are here. You act, and when you act, it is with heart and soul. For your sensitive and ebullient spirit, your warm gift of friendship, and your random acts of kindness, it is our honor to present you with the 1999 Eady award."

The Fleming Award for outstanding service from a faculty member was presented to Ina Jane Wundram '62C, associate professor of anthropology. In presenting the award, the 1997-98 recipient, Associate Professor of Biology M. Eloise Brown Carter said Wundram "is a person compelled to teach, to learn, and to thoroughly enjoy the journey. [Her courses spark in students] an uncanny sense of bewilderment, curiosity, despair, and hope."--S.P.

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