Volume 75
Number 4










R. Carter Freeman Jr. ’59B of San Marino, Calif., president of Janas Corporation, is a member of the board of directors of the Institute of Management Consultants.

Joseph T. Dickey ’67B of Simi Valley, Calif., is chief executive officer of Prez Productions.

Janet Slosberg Fried ’80B and Brad Fried of Alpharetta announce the birth of a daughter, Audrey Lauren, on May 19, 1999.

Bradley T. Tavel ’80B of Bethesda, Md., is principal of Main Street Developments.

Theresa Moyer Chimples ’82B and Thomas Chimples of Bentleyville, Ohio, announce the birth of a son, Thomas Moyer, on Sept. 10, 1998.

Robert Grede ’82MBA of Milwaukee, an adjunct professor at Marquette University, was elected president of the Milwaukee Advertising Club.

Lisa H. Schwartz ’83B and Scott Golodner of New York City were married April 25, 1999.

Lori Katz Henry ’85B and Scott Henry of Palm Harbor, Fla., announce the birth of a daughter, Amanda Paige, on Aug. 9, 1998.

R. Kirk Thompson III ’86MBA of Atlanta is senior vice president/group director for Fitzgerald & Company.

James J. Edwards Jr. ’87B. See Edwards ’88C.

Edwina D. Thomas ’87EMBA and Gregory Washington of Atlanta were married Aug. 30, 1997.

Adam Michael Naide ’88B. See Naide ’89C.

Edward H. West V ’86Ox-’88B. See West ’86Ox.

Carol Pingry Milliron ’89B of Marietta is director of strategic planning for The Headline Group.

Anthony L. Simms ’89B. See Simms ’89C.

Peter L. Braus ’90B and Kaija Heather Berzins of New York City were married May 15, 1999. Braus is a real estate agent at New Spectrum Realty.

Carolann Charen ’90B and Dan Reiter of Decatur were married May 30, 1999. Charen is development coordinator for the Atlanta Outward Bound Center.

Michael S. Kaufman ’90EMBA of Pacifica, Calif., is a principal and technology manager of global credit and market risk for Barclay’s Global Investors.

Steven M. Langer ’90MBA of Stone Mountain is senior manager of business analysis for Georgia-Pacific’s container board and packaging division.

Christopher J. Radpour ’90B and Kimberly Greenhow of Knoxville, Tenn., were married July 10, 1999. Radpour is a second-year obstetrics and gynecology resident.

Steven J. Ahn ’91B of New York City is an associate in investment banking with J. P. Morgan.

Cynthia Hill Banks ’91MBA and Edward J. Banks ’97MBA of Atlanta announce the birth of a son, Colin Benjamin, on May 29, 1999.

Ann M. Evons ’91B of Coronado, Calif., is a graduate student in education and government at Harvard University.

Andrew J. Horwitz ’91B and Christy Halsey of Charlotte, N.C., were married May 30, 1999. Horwitz, an investment banker for First Union Corporation, received a master of business administration degree from Duke University in May 1999.

Alison Mahler ’92B and Scott L. Kupersmith of New York City were married Nov. 28, 1998. Mahler is a manager with D. E. Shaw & Co.

Matthias Preschern ’92MBA. See Preschern ’93L.

Jeffrey S. Silver ’92B. See Silver ’91C.

Andrew Wilkins Jr. ’92B-’97MBA of New York City is a strategist in the strategic services area for AGENCY.COM.

Arlene Lau ’93B and Ryutaro Matsunaga of Tokyo were married June 20, 1998. Lau is an English instructor and an editor at Nippon Koei.

Matthew T. Levy ’93B. See Levy ’94C.

Herbert M. Reichsoellner ’93MBA of Dusseldorf is a tax lawyer and advisor for McKinsey & Company.

James V. Dale ’94EMBA of County Wicklow, Ireland, is general manager of OIS, a subsidiary of GE Information Services.

Mitchel L. Harad ’94B of San Francisco, co-founder and CEO of GetRelevant, an Internet start-up company, received a master of business administration degree from the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley in May 1999.

Peter M. Rosenblatt ’94B and Jennifer Mann of New York City were married July 4, 1999.

Jeffrey A. Bacha ’95MBA and Theresa McCurry of Vancouver, British Columbia, were married Oct. 4, 1998. Bacha is vice president of corporate development for Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals.

Robin L. Brenner ’95B and Brian Buckler of Atlanta were married May 8, 1999.

R. Todd Foster ’95MBA of Dallas is manager of business development for Travelocity.com.

Michael D. Hassebrock ’95EMBA of Alpharetta is vice president of marketing for Nanovation Technologies.

Jennifer L. Mustaleski ’95B and Paul Isaacson of Decatur were married March 20, 1999. Mustaleski is senior accountant with Georgia-Pacific.

Tracey Sheffield Mackey ’95MBA and Charles Mackey of Atlanta announce the birth of a son, Charles Sheffield, on May 24, 1999. Mackey is a principal procurement analyst with The Coca-Cola Company.

Nicole L. Berzack ’96B and Gary Sturisky of Dunwoody were married May 23, 1999. Berzack works for General Time Corporation.

Holly Segal ’96B and Matthew Q. Bromer ’93C of Princeton, N.J., were married Oct. 3, 1998. Segal is a quantitative analyst and associate vice president with Merrill Lynch.

Dennis J. Flynn ’96MBA and Karen Flynn of Atlanta announce the birth of a daughter, Caroline Anne, on Nov. 27, 1998. Flynn is a logistics analyst with The Coca-Cola Company.

Katherine Rogers Touchstone ’96MBA and Neil Touchstone of Dallas announce the birth of a daughter, Allie White, on July 8, 1998.

Catherine M. Auslander ’97B is an account representative for J. Walter Thompson.

Martha Strock Buffington ’97MBA and Jon Buffington of Atlanta announce the birth of a daughter, Claire Ann, on July 1, 1999.

David L. Spear ’97MBA of Dunwoody is a global account manager with The Coca-Cola Company.

Andrew Wilkins Jr. ’92B-’97MBA. See Wilkins ’92B.

Renata S. Ibragimova ’98B and Robert H. Levine ’98MBA of Decatur were married April 10, 1999. Ibragimova is a cost accountant with Nextlink.

James S. Walker ’98B. See Williamson ’98B.

Alana Williamson ’98B and James S. Walker Jr. ’98B of Atlanta were married May 15, 1999. Williamson is an analyst with Andersen Consulting, and Walker is an auditor with Ernst & Young.


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