Volume 75
Number 4









In Memoriam

Eugene H. Sanders ’18C-’28G of Atlanta passed away on November 1, 1999. Before his death, Sanders was the oldest living alumnus of Emory College. Born February 18, 1897, Sanders earned a master’s degree in education and taught science for forty-two years before retiring in 1962. During his Emory years, he led the Few Literary Society and was an orator and class poet. He is survived by his wife, Ruth K. Sanders, also a retired science teacher. Emory’s oldest living alumni are George L. Walker Jr. ’23C-’26M-’28MEDI, born September 27, 1901, and W. Raleigh Garner ’21Ox-’25C-’27M, born October 27, 1901.


Paul J. Farr ’31C of Milledgeville on March 22, 1999.

Harold W. Peavy Sr. ’31C of Byron on April 29, 1999.

J. Dan Redwine ’31M of Lexington, N.C., on Dec. 7, 1998.

Margaret Harris Hunter ’32C-’54G of Atlanta on Feb. 26, 1999.

Gladys J. Mahone ’32N of Macon on April 3, 1999.

Hal S. Raper Sr. ’32M-’33MEDI of Atlanta on July 2, 1999. Emory survivor: Hal S. Raper Jr. ’61C-’63D.

W. Warren Haisten ’34Ox of Griffin on June 30, 1999. Emory survivor: Dorothy Ann Haisten Spencer ’69Ox-’71C.

Isaac E. Capilouto ’35D of Montgomery, Ala., on March 4, 1999.

John W. Craft ’36C of Glen Arm, Md., on Aug. 25, 1998.

Hardy S. McCalman Jr. ’36B of Austell on July 24, 1999. Emory survivor: Lynda McCalman Everitt ’66C.

William I. Allgood ’38Ox-’40C-’47G of Covington on May 8, 1999. Emory survivors: Cary B. Allgood ’42Ox, Robert D. Welsh ’49B, Wiley A. Allgood ’55Ox-’57C, Voncile Allgood Martin ’60Ox-’63N, Alfred L. Allgood ’64Ox-’66C, William I. Allgood Jr. ’64Ox, Diane Allgood Kirby ’67Ox, Robert Donald Welsh ’98Ox-’00C, and Bridget Dean Allgood Kirby ’01C.

Autrey Lewis Randall ’41G of Friendswood, Texas, on May 2, 1999.

Charles L. Middlebrooks Jr. ’42C-’45T of Athens on May 10, 1999.

Virginia Humphries Weaver ’44G of Atlanta on April 28, 1999.

Benjamin L. Wilkerson Jr. ’44C-’45D of Miami, on April 8, 1999.

Oscar A. Guinn Jr. ’45C-’48T-’52G of Taunton, Mass., on April 12, 1999.

Alta Martin Humphrey ’46G of Atlanta on April 25, 1999.

H. Turner Edmondson ’47Ox-’49C of Fayetteville, Ark., on July 18, 1994.

Seab E. A. Reeves ’47C-’59ANES of Savannah on Jan. 15, 1997.

Joseph T. DePaula ’48D of Hammond, La., on June 10, 1999.

Joe E. Mitchell ’48PEDS of Bristol, Va., on Aug. 22, 1997.

Berta Saavedra Houdyshell ’49N of Melbourne, Fla., on April 10, 1999.

Robert Donald May ’49C of Warner Robins on June 4, 1999.

Thomas A. Slaughter Jr. ’49L of Atlanta on July 1, 1999.

Lorraine Austin Boehme ’50N of Stafford, Texas, on Feb. 6, 1999.

Jerome Hertz ’51C of Stamford, Conn., on Dec. 3, 1998.

Cecil L. Miller ’51Ox of Buford on June 30, 1999.

Jonathan Zachary Farr ’55Ox-’61T of Oakwood on May 11, 1999. Emory survivors: George L. Echols Jr. ’52C, Ellen Echols Purdum ’81C, and David H. Purdum ’65C.

W. Glenn Petty ’55M of Chattanooga on July 26, 1999. Emory survivors: Donna Petty Valenzuela ’79N and Neil Eugene Petty ’91C.

Edward G. Statom Jr. ’55C of Moultrie on May 3, 1999.

Michael E. Barron ’56C of Decatur on April 28, 1999.

Arthur W. Wilkes Jr. ’58Ox-’62D of Athens.

William W. Barham ’63L of Atlanta on May 13, 1999.

James P. Letts III ’64B of Atlanta on May 12, 1999.

Richard L. Beemer ’66T of Henderson, Mich., on Feb. 7, 1999.

Walter J. Ratchford ’67M-’74GYOB of Atlanta on May 27, 1999.

Laura Walborn Atkinson ’68G of Kennesaw on May 11, 1999.

Edwin M. King ’68C-’72M of Arlington, Texas, on May 5, 1999.

Ann Goble Seegal ’68G of Delmar, N.Y., on June 21, 1999. Emory survivor: Richard F. Seegal ’70G.

Wilson D. Drew III ’70AH of Warner Robins on Aug. 31, 1995.

Bernard Gaillard ’70L of Temple Hills, Md., on July 10, 1999.

Carol Zilian Feingold ’75C of Asheville, N.C., on May 2, 1999. Emory survivor: Clifford O. Feingold ’76D.

John R. Schell Jr. ’75D of Fairburn on July 6, 1999.

Ronald L. King ’76L of Grundy, Va., on June 21, 1999.

Laura Snitzer Boozer ’77Ox-’79N of Atlanta on July 11, 1999. Emory survivors: Russell W. Boozer ’75Ox-’77B and Joe A. Snitzer III ’53C.

Frank W. Bellows Jr. ’78G of Houston on April 16, 1999.

James C. Britt ’85AH of Dawsonville on April 22, 1988.

Mark E. Crafts ’88Ox-’90C of Melbourne, Fla., on May 4, 1999. Emory survivors: Donald E. Crafts ’63C and Michael Justin Pritchard ’94Ox.

Richard J. Silberfein ’88L of Springfield, N.J., on July 19, 1999.

Mark Aldwin Yarbrough ’94M of New York City on July 3, 1999



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