Congratulations to Paige Parvin, Emory, and Emory Magazine for the eye-opener “Decade of Pride” article (Autumn 2002). In April 2002, I visited the campus for the first time in fifty years. How the campus has changed! Among the many astonishing changes was the discovery in the hallway of the old cafeteria building of an Office of LGBT Life. I couldn’t believe it. When I attended Emory from 1948 until 1952, soon after arriving from Cuba, I formed a deep friendship with a member of a well-known fraternity on campus. The “brothers” all thought I was worthwhile and went out of their way to “rush” me and convince me that theirs was the group to join. They almost succeeded in pledging me until one of the brothers somehow discovered my alliance and blackballed me. Happily, my years at Emory were happy, successful, and memorable ones in spite of this challenge. I sincerely hope that devoted friends on campus today do not have to worry about being dismissed as unworthy. I am a successful retired Ph.D. (U.C. Berkeley) in a devoted partnership of forty-three years.

Walter A. Nelson-Rees ’51C-’52G
San Francisco, CA

Being a Southern gay man who struggled with his sexual identity while growing up in Atlanta and attending Emory University in the 1970s, I was proud to read how the gay community has evolved and become acknowledged on campus through both student activism and administration support in Paige P. Parvin’s superb and informative article, “Out of the Closet, Into the Quad,” in the Autumn 2002 issue of Emory Magazine. This kind of important coverage by an alumni magazine serves as a valuable tool in recording and recognizing the often overlooked history of gay men and lesbians living in the South.

Jameson Currier ’77C
New York City

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful article on the GLBT history of Emory and its current status. I, too, recall fondly my education and experiences at Emory in the 1980s, and you captured exactly what it was like to go to a such a compassionate, diverse university. How lucky I was to have grown emotionally and academically in such a positive, supportive environment. Again, as a gay alumnus, I thank you.

David Eyler ’89C
Concord, Vermont

Thank you for the excellent article “Out of the Closet, Into the Quad.” Presidents Laney and Chace and lots of others are to be congratulated for their courageous leadership and achievements. It makes me proud to have been the Presbyterian campus minister and an Emory alumnus.

J. Emmett Herndon M.Div.
Chair, Committee for Inclusion: GLBT
Presbytery of Greater Atlanta
Presbyterian Church, USA



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