D.C. MARVELS: From National Geographic to the FBI,
Emory alumni are making their mark in Washington

In Hollywood, everybody has a script; in D.C., everybody wears a suit. Last summer, Emory Magazine went to Washington. In a city where you can hardly ride the Metro or try a new restaurant without running into an Emory graduate—to be found at every level of government, law, business, and public service—we had the chance to visit only a handful of our most accomplished alumni, including the vice president of the National Geographic Society, the head of anti-bioterrorism for the FBI, a D.C. family court judge, an attorney working on Supreme Court-level cases, and a couple who have devoted their careers to international service. Here’s a closer look at just a few of the nearly five thousand Emory graduates who call our nation's capital home.

• Guarding a treasure, building a brand: Terry Adamson 68C 73L, executive VP of the National Geographic Society

• When chemistry is cool: Ben Garrett 75G, FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction Unit

• Sound judgment: D.C. family court judge Joan Goldfrank 73C 76L

• Critical Thinking: Mark R. Heilbrun 86C, Partner, Jenner and Block

• Never a dull moment: Marianne Leach 64C and Jerry Leach 64C

A “little Emory campus” in Washington

Photograph: Gleb Mejeoumov | Copyright © 2005 R A Taylor | http://imagesoftheworld.org/washington/



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