The President, Faculty, and Trustees of Emory University
Take Pleasure in Presenting the First President's Medal to
The XIVth Dalai Lama of Tibet

Born to one of earth's great wild places--
to snow, rocks, mountain, river, plain, and sky--
you learned from it internal strength, simplicity, contentment.
In Tibet's spare, rugged landscape you have seen
the Himalayan blue poppy, the Shangdril primrose bloom
in the Kama Valley east of Chomolungma, Mount Everest.
You thus have found, as well, your conviction
that love and respect can pervade even the wildest hearts.

With courage you consistently refuse violence
in the service of your people's heritage.
With reason, compassion, and deep religious faith
rooted in ancient traditions--and, yes, with whimsy and laughter--
you shape a fitting moral response to the challenges of our day:
environmental degradation, violation of individuals' humanity,
and ongoing threats of war and cultural destruction.

You grace our campus now with your spirit,
as moonlight is reflected on the Tsangpo River.
We are honored to present to you the President's Medal.

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