Employee Council

As the first phase of the Classification Management Project (CMP) comes to a close, Human Resources officials are confident not only that Emory salaries are competitive in the Atlanta labor market, but also that the University's new system of classifying jobs is equitable across the University.

Associate Vice President for Human Resources Alice Miller and Director of Employment Services Pat Douglass discussed CMP and other Human Resources topics at the Aug. 16 Employee Council meeting.

Miller said the first phase of CMP, which covered all non-clinical University jobs, has been completed recently and supervisors are in the process of informing staff members about new job titles and pay grades. She said the same process for clinical jobs should be completed by Jan. 1.

The foundation of CMP, Miller said, involves "grouping people who do similar things into similar job titles." She said the new system is designed to promote internal equity in job and pay grade categorization University-wide.

"Only about 7 percent of the positions we studied had salaries below the minimum of their new pay grade," Miller said. "I believe that means we have not been underpaying our employees." She said Human Resources uses 80 labor market surveys to ensure that Emory salaries remain competitive with those of similar jobs outside the University.

While no salaries were reduced as a result of CMP, Miller said a relatively small number of employees are in new pay grades that have a lower maximum salary range than their old pay grade. The vast majority of those staff members, however, had salaries well below the pay grade maximum to begin with.

Employees who disagree with their new job description and pay grade should first discuss the matter with their supervisor. If the issue is not resolved that way, the staff member may contact Employee Relations and Training.

Miller and Douglas also addressed the following topics:

*Miller said that open enrollment for employees' same-sex domestic partners in the benefits program will be held in November and that Human Resources will be distributing information on the enrollment process to faculty and staff well in advance. She said all Emory benefits will be available to employees' domestic partners, except for the PruCare HMO (health insurance) and DMO (dental) plans.

*Beginning in January, Emory will begin offering a University-subsidized short-term disability plan. The new plan will apply to injured employees who are not permanently disabled and therefore cannot receive long-term disability benefits. The new policy allows employees to receive 60 percent of their salary after their leave time runs out and before the six months required for long-term disability benefits.

--Dan Treadaway