What signifies the beginning of the school year for you?

Tamara Nall
"The hustle and bustle of the bookstore. That's when it finally hits."

Joel Trambley
First-Year Student
"The most prominent sign of the beginning of the school year is lines. For books, for registrations, for shots, etc. And, of course, lines and lines of text and notes."

Ahmed Davis
Second-Year Student
Graduate School
"Because I've been here all summer long, the return of major parking problems with the return of undergraduates definitely signifies the beginning of the school year."

Deborah Hyde
Coordinator of Disability Services for Students,
Office of Disability Services and Compliance
"The arrival of 40 gazillion yellow trucks."

Deshele Dorsey
"The biggest thing is people starting to come back to campus and the streets get crowded. Registration is crowded and you have to stand in line at the bookstore. During the summer it's really peaceful."