News Briefs

Nominations requested for Awards of Distinction

Emory employees who have made outstanding contributions of service to the University are eligible to be nominated for Awards of Distinction. Awards will be presented by President Bill Chace on Wednesday, March 1. Each recipient will receive a certificate and a U.S. savings bond during a dinner ceremony in Cox Hall Ballroom.

The awards program, which began in 1985, is open to all regular general staff and presidentially-approved principals who have worked at the University for at least one year. Because Emory Hospital employees have an internal recognition program, they are not eligible. Nominations can be made by any faculty or staff member; employees may not nominate themselves.

Nominations should reflect consistent excellence in job performance, service and contributions to the work environment beyond the call of duty, and exemplary personal qualities that have enhanced public regard for the overall effectiveness of a department. Nominations must be submitted to the head of the department, school or division in which the candidate works. The department head then recommends a candidate by submitting a 500-word, typed recommendation to the selection committee. The recommendation should give specific examples of the nominee's exceptional performance or contributions and be signed by the department head. Nominations must be submitted by Tuesday, Feb. 7, to Kimberly Sessions-Price, Chair, Selection Committee, P.O. Box 23705.

The number of nominees accepted is based on the number of regular eligible employees in their respective department, school or division. For more information, contact Pat Douglass at 727-7625.

New USENET news groups available

Access to hourly news updates from the Associated Press and Reuters are now only a few keystrokes away on a computer thanks to the General Libraries' subscription to Clarinet Com-munications Corp.'s ClariNete. News. The Information Tech-nology Division has added the extensive set of ClariNete.News news groups to its list of some 3,500 available news groups. Now almost everything in a daily newspaper, except the ads, is available through the 300 ClariNete.News news groups that cover U.S. and world news, business and markets, technology, computers, sports and features.

To access the ClariNete. News news groups, select #2 (USENET news) from the Eagle Services menu. Follow standard USENET procedures to view ClariNete.News and subscribe to the ClariNete.News groups that you want to receive. To help familiarize people with ClariNete.News, everyone at Emory who has a UNIX account will receive six ClariNete.News news groups, which provide hourly U.S. news updates, daily news reviews, news briefs of world events, breaking business news, and weather news. The ClariNete. News news groups are "read-only" news groups, and all the articles are copyrighted.

Efforts are underway to make ClariNete.News accessible through Emory's World Wide Web.

For questions related to using USENET in general, contact the HelpDesk at "" or 727-3822. Comments regarding ClariNete.News should be directed to David Vidor, Woodruff Library, at libdlv@ or 727-0145.

PCSW dinner slated for Feb. 16

President Bill Chace will deliver the keynote address at the annual dinner of the President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) next month. Chace will discuss Emory as a place that works toward gender equity for faculty and staff and the ways in which Emory can better draw on the talents of women on campus.

The dinner will be held Thursday, Feb. 16, in the Turner Village Conference Center. Tickets are $16 for faculty and staff and $8 for students, and must be purchased in advance by Feb. 10. For information, call 727-7916.