University chaplain receives alumni award from Candler

On Jan. 11, the Candler School of Theology honored University Chaplain Susan Henry-Crowe with its annual Alumni/ae Service Award during Candler's 60th annual Minister's Week.

According to Carol Carwile, assistant to Candler Dean Kevin LaGree, this honor is given to the alumna/us who has demonstrated distinguished service to Candler School of Theology and has achieved distinction in ministry.

At the awards ceremony, LaGree said of the recipient, "She has cared for Emory's diverse faith communities and ministered to staff, faculty and students, particularly during times of crisis. She has served Candler as a member of the Clergy Advisory Council, as an advocate for the establishment of the Program for Women in Theology and Ministry, and recently as an adjunct faculty member."

Prior to assuming the position of University Chaplain in 1991, Henry-Crowe ministered to the residents of South Carolina, her home state, as a church pastor and a college chaplain. She also was the first woman to be named director of the South Carolina Conference Council, a position which included heading relief efforts following Hurricane Hugo. She is still sought out as a consultant for relief efforts.

Henry-Crowe earned a B.A. from Winthrop University in South Carolina and then attended Candler from 1973-76. She was ordained shortly after earning her M. Div. degree in 1976.

"I was so deeply honored to be chosen for the service award," Henry-Crowe said. "I feel very pleased not only to be a graduate of Candler, but also to be recognized amongst all of its alumni. I am just so proud to be able to serve the Emory community."

Henry-Crowe was nominated by Toni White, a friend and classmate at Candler. In Henry-Crowe's nomination, she wrote, "I have loved being her colleague in ministry, watching her grow, admiring her stamina and her passion for activism and political change. But most of all I have loved being her friend." She also described Henry-Crowe as "a trailblazer for ordained women, pioneering in many ways during more than two decades...she has concentrated on justice for the oppressed and inclusiveness for all people, and has used political activism as a tool to bring about needed change."

--Mike MacArthur