Phone book recycling ends Jan. 31

The Emory Recycles telephone book recycling drive will continue through Tuesday, Jan. 31. Old campus phone directories and Southern Bell telephone books may be placed in a dumpster behind the vacant fraternity house at 15 Fraternity Row, at the corner of Peavine Creek Drive.

Emory Recycles encourages employees to collect and deliver phone books to the dumpster themselves. Limited pick up and delivery is available for employees who cannot deliver the books. For further information, call 727-4779 or 727-7475.

Oxford Studies explores conflict resolution

For the spring 1995 semester, Oxford Studies is offering the course "Conflict Resolution: Fifty Years After World War II." The text for the class is Jimmy Carter's Talking Peace. Lectures scheduled include The Holocaust, WWII, Non-violent Reconciliation, and Israel and Bosnia. Andy Offutt Irwin, Full Circle, and the Oxford Chorale will present musical performances, and "The Wisdom of Muddog," a one-act play, is scheduled along with the Oxford Drama Guild and the Oxford Dance Company. Screenings will include Romero, Genocide and The Long Walk Home. For information and tickets, call 784-8888.