President's Commission on the Status of Women

Members of the PCSW are hoping to initiate an annual process of receiving statistical data on the status of women faculty, staff and students at Emory with next month's meeting.

Harriet King, vice provost for academic affairs, and Susan Frost, director of Institutional Planning and Research, will meet with the commission next month to discuss several topics affecting women faculty at Emory. Frost will discuss statistics on women faculty published in the annual American Association of University Professors (AAUP) report. King will address issues related to the tenure process that are more difficult to measure, such as committee work.

Monitoring the salaries and overall representation of women faculty has been a priority of the PCSW for several years. Pat Hudgins, immediate past chair of the commission, said the group has had difficulty in recent years obtaining reliable data on women faculty. "This commission deserves to get those numbers on an annual basis," Hudgins said. "That includes the number of women in each school at each rank--who was hired, who left, and why did they leave."

Kelly Turney of Equal Opportunity Programs, an ex-officio PCSW member, said the University should make a formal commitment to conducting a salary study every two or three years that addresses gender and racial equity.

--Dan Treadaway