Faculty/staff campaign enters final year

During the month of February we will be hosting a Faculty/Staff Campaign as part of the fifth and final year of our five-year Capital Campaign. John Stone and Bertha Hunt are our faculty/staff chairs. A brochure will be sent to all full-time faculty and staff in early February, and a solicitation letter will follow by division.

The Faculty/Staff Campaign at Emory is as much an exercise in community building as it is a fund-raising effort. Indeed, the campaign will redraw lines of connection among members of the Emory community - answering the questions, for instance, of what a professor of Near Eastern Studies has in common with a publicist for the Health Sciences division.

The truth is that the work we do every day, in our respective quarters, enhances Emory's reputation, attracting brighter students, more productive staff and well-respected faculty from all parts of the world. (The professor and the publicist also, unbeknownst to one another, compete every morning for the plumpest blueberry bagel in Cox Hall Food Court.)

Naturally, any campaign is also about raising money, and this one is no exception. With the giving percentage for faculty/staff at 10 percent, room for improvement exists. Your contribution will reconfirm the respect we have for one another's daily work and bolster the already impressive standing that Emory has in American higher education.

Thanks for your consideration.

Linda McNay
Executive Director
Emory Challenge Fund

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