Reader thanks Boli for critique of The Bell Curve

I read your article, "For whom The Bell Curve tolls," in the Emory Report, and wanted to thank you for addressing such a provocative, yet highly questionable, work with deep felt concern about its impact; you showed a level of intelligence and sensitivity which seems greater than that of the authors.

In all fairness, since I have not read this book, my criticism should be limited. I can, however, share in your disappointment concerning Murray and Herrnstein's errors in measuring genetic differences among groups, and their failure to take into account the genesis of a race with respect to the very intelligence scale they devised. In addition, any sociological study would, in fact, be incomplete without some account of how any apparent differences between groups are influenced by environment, culture and history along with its genetic findings.

While some would argue that, as Americans, we have freedom of speech, should this be granted without responsibility, and at the expense of heightening an already historically severe climate of racism?

It is clear for whom this Bell Curve tolls. As for the rest of us, this could be an opportunity to come together, instead of drifting apart. I would like to suggest that perhaps you could use this book with your findings as part of your curriculum to discuss cultural bases of racism, and continue to help Emory in its efforts to promote better racial understanding.

Olaiya Humphrey
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