The Olympics Report

Web page for volunteers developed

About 40,000 volunteers will be needed to help staff the 1996 Olympic Games. Many Emory community members have volunteered to work with the Olympics in various capacities.

We want to know about your work with the Olympics. If you or someone you know will be an Olympic volunteer, you can be included in the web page highlighting "How some Emory community members are involved with the Olympics." Contact Scott Outman at or 727-2987, or Matt Montgomery at or 727-7090.

Please include the following information: Name; relationship to Emory (faculty, student, staff); a short description of what you do at Emory or your educational goals; what job, by title and venue, you will be involved with during the Olympics; and a short description of how you got involved as an Olympic volunteer. We would also like to know if you would allow your e-mail address to be displayed on the web page.

Human Resources policies on volunteer leave time may also be obtained at the Olympics web site at

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