1970s styles, drum music featured in dance concert, `Only Connect'

Using drums, clothes from the 1970s and original music, the Emory Dance Company will present their spring concert, "Only Connect," at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, April 18-20 in the Mary Gray Munroe Theater.

The concert will feature:

* Fabiola Crovetto's solo piece stems from her experiences with drum circles and features the live musical accompaniment of drummers Tony Oscar and Scott Goldbohm.

* Emily B. Tallman's "While You Were Sleeping" is the product of movement ideas achieved through improvisation and chance.

* Elizabeth McCune Dishman, recent Emory College graduate and guest choreographer, explores a dark, introspective bird-like character in her solo piece titled "Fitful Wren."

* Laura Hartzell worked with fellow student artist Daniel Thompson, a musician/composer, to create an original musical score that analyzes the grief process as a springboard for structure and movement, ultimately moving to celebration.

* Kimberly C. Weaver's "Sisters of the Yam," focuses on movement as the most powerful expression of thought. She examines the conflict between spirituality and organized religion and how ultimately the two converge.

* Cassandra Newcom's "Elsewhere" uses Messiaen's music as a catalyst and allows her dance to take on a life of its own. At first calm and refined, the work has a subtle underlying quirkiness.

* Shenika Sander's "Re-Run" is inspired by the clothing, hair and attitudes of the 1970s and represents a fun, historical piece that focuses on dancing for dance's sake.

Tickets are $6 general admission for April 18 and 20. The Friday benefit concert ticket cost is $8, and a reception will follow. Friday's performance, a benefit concert presented by the Friends of Dance, will help fund the Summer Scholarship Fund, created this year for an Emory dance student to study dance during summer break with a national company or educational organization. For information, call the Emory Box Office at 727-6187.

--Joyce Bell

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