Should it be harder to get a divorce?

Ken Zeitung
First-Year Student
MBA Program
"If anything I think they should make it harder to get married. People need to think more about why they're entering this union, rather than whether it should be harder to get out. In general, no. I'm against eliminating no-fault divorce."

Mary O'Connell Robb
Graduate Student
Immunology and Molecular Pathogenics
"I think it should be harder. Because if it was harder, people would try harder to work things out. If it took two years and you had to wait, that might be enough incentive to work things out. It would promote more children being raised in two-parent households."

Rebecca Viksnins
German, Literature
"In the first place, people should take more time to get to know one another. That's a loaded question because you can't say that all people who get divorced should not be allowed to. I know a lot of children of parents who've gotten divorced and they have difficulty relating to whatever normalcy is."

Kenneth Rome
Facilities Management Paint Shop
"I don't think so. I've been through a divorce. We both agreed we weren't compatible. We broke it off and we're still good friends. I don't think it should be any harder than it is now."

Nancy Ciliax
Lead Research Specialist
Anatomy and Cell Biology
"No. It should be easier. I think that just because it already is so traumatic for parents and children. If it was made easier and less guilt was associated with it, it would be better all around."

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