Do you think tobacco should be treated as a drug?

Ianna Kachoris
Sociology, English
"Well, seeing as I just smoked a cigarette for the first time on Saturday, it would be kind of hypocritical for me to consider tobacco a drug. But I still think they're bad."

Peter Kim
Biology, Chemistry
"For many years it's been legal, so it can't really be treated as a drug because it's such an integral part of our society today, in spite of the corrupt acts by William Morris and other tobacco companies. Clear laws can't be passed disregarding the rights of smokers today, but as for the future, laws can be passed to make it a moral law."

Sarah Lynne
"Yes, because it's addictive and causes just as many health problems as other drugs."

Shelise Henry
"Yes, I do think it should be treated as a drug because it's very addictive and there's no need for people to smoke. Tobacco can only cause harm because my grandfather died of cancer. It only causes harm."

Suny Biswas
"The medical evidence seems to show that tobacco should definitely be treated as a drug, but in terms of policy enforcement, such a policy is not practical. Tobacco historically has not suffered the bad image and connotation of other drugs and its use is much too widespread."

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