Issues in progress

Employee Council

The issue of child care options for staff members was the primary topic of discussion at the Council's Special Issues Committee meeting, held during the full Council's April 17 meeting.

Members of the Special Issues Committee expressed a strong interest in learning more about the plans of the University's Child Care Committee and perhaps working with that committee in its efforts to build another campus child care facility similar to the existing Clifton Child Care Center. Chaired by Vice President and Dean for Campus Life Frances Lucas-Tauchar, the Child Care Committee has been charged with planning and overseeing the development of such a facility.

Several Special Issues Committee members said they would like to see the Child Care Committee incorporate after-school care for older children in their planning, if they haven't done so already. Special Issues Chair Erik Oliver said he will discuss the Council's concerns with Lucas-Tauchar and ask her to address the Council on the issue of campus child care.

In other business, the Council's Communications Committee shared its plans to increase staff awareness of computer terminals available to the community and to expand the Council's World Wide Web site.

--Dan Treadaway

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