Do you think laws banning indecency on the internet make sense?

Desirae Randisi
History, International Studies
"Yes, of course they do, otherwise there's no way to regulate whether minors can access it. Maybe some day there will be a rating system."

Sonny Manalili
"Yes. Because there's some really disturbing stuff they could put on the internet to see, and there are people who will take advantage of the situation if there aren't any laws. It will be hard, since it's such a widespread thing."

Beth Griffith
"Yes, just because children can get on the internet and they're not old enough to see that. Most of the time their parents don't know they are doing it."

Michael Scharf
"Yes, because if I had kids I wouldn't want them looking at some of the stuff I've seen."

Meaghan Tenney
Biology, Spanish
"I guess there are certain things children shouldn't see but there is freedom of speech, so constitutionally I don't think you can."

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