What do you think of an Emory MARTA rail station?

Steve Renker Junior
"I think it is very important. So many people have cars here, and I know I don't use my car except on weekends. If Emory could link up to the MARTA rail, people could use public transportation more easily. More students and employees could use it to get to work or class and we could have fewer parking decks and more room for classrooms."

Brian Chang
"I think that building a MARTA rail station would be beneficial to the Emory community. It will give us more access to downtown. Most people don't want to ride for a half an hour to an hour on the bus to a rail station. It would make it easier to be a volunteer around town."

Fran Michaud Quality Control Editing Supervisor
Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics
"I drive 22 miles to get here, but it would probably take me two hours with the current MARTA system. If I could access MARTA and come directly to Emory, I would probably use it."

Junghye Kim
"If Emory has enough money to build a new rail station, why don't they use the money to work on educational aspects, like developing the Asian Studies department and offering more than one type of biology major?"

Larry Roberts
Sanitation Worker
Waste Management
"I think it should happen. It would cut down on some of the parking problems. I work in waste management, and people park in front of my dumpsters."

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