What signals the beginning of the new school year for you?

Jim Stone
First-Year Student
School of Medicine
"Shopping for new tennis/walking shoes and the feelings of anticipation and nervousness."

Jattu Senesie
First-Year Student
School of Medicine
"Buying books. You can be in class, but when you put down money for class you know it's all starting and you've invested money and you've got to stay."

Michael Sattah
Third-Year Student
School of Medicine
"Buying and having to wear a tie. And buying a lot of school materials."

Liz O'Brien
Administrative Assistant
Barkley Forum
"The phone rings more frequently. There are numerous questions and there's more paperwork."

Helen Pearson
Assistant Dean for Community Life
School of Theology
"Preparation for orientation and convocation, plus all of the other events that are held at the School of Theology. And the anticipation of new students."

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