Voices of Emory:

Should controversial guest speakers from outside Emory be free to say whatever they wish at Emory?

Matthew Tabor
"I don't think so, because this is a private university, and they should be more attuned to the values of the students so as not to offend anyone."

Michelle Moskowitz
"I think so. I think Emory students are intelligent enough to form their own opinions and not be influenced by these people."

Judith Gage
Genetics and Molecular Medicine
"Absolutely. I feel that as an institution of higher learning, its purpose is the free expression of different opinions and ideas. As such, they should be tolerant of others who don't share their views."

Harry Sharp
Research Specialist
"Yes. In the interest of free speech and discussion, we have to allow people to say what it is they think. Otherwise, it's a form of censorship."

Bobbie Goldman
Registered Nurse
Emory Hospital
"Emory supports freedomof speech, and students..... still should have the freedom to listen to diverse opinions and make up their own minds."

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