Voices of Emory

When will you start (or did you start) your holiday shopping?

Douglas Hollis
Senior Account Executive
Dependable Mail Services, Inc.
"Thanksgiving. The day after. Everybody thinks of that being a big sales day. It's enough of a draw to get me in the store on that day."

Ceres Chua
"After Thanksgiving, because then I'll really have to go shopping whether I have time to or not."

Timothy Hwu
"I'll start it when my paycheck comes in. That'll be when I get a job some time in

Vanessa Pitts
Graduate Medical
School of Medicine
"I will start it this weekend, Oct. 12. I'll make a list for the seven nieces and nephews and cousins, go to Walmart, get a bunch of toys and put them on layaway. I do that to get it out of the way. I hate having to think about it in December."

Charlie Reese
Custodian/Crewman II
Residential Services/ Housekeeping
"My wife takes care of that."

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