Emory Report available on-line

Weekly editions of Emory Report are available on-line via the World Wide Web. Electronic versions of the newspaper can be accessed through the Emory home page and its "Life at Emory" section. Archives of 1995 issues are searchable by a query-based search engine. Users may also search the archives according to year or specific issue date. One may also perform a keyword search of the Gopher archives. The URL is <http://www.emory.edu/ EMORY_REPORT/er.html>.

Submissions welcomed

The purpose of the weekly "First Person" column is to generate conversation across disciplines and departments on campus, and Emory Report welcomes submissions of editorials from faculty and staff. Articles should address a topic of general interest to the Emory community and be 700-900 words in length. Articles may be edited for clarity and length.

Letters from members of the Emory community are also welcome. Letters should generally run less than 300 words, and may be edited for clairty and length. Please include your name and department. Submissions may be sent to Emory Report, 741 Gatewood Road, faxed to 727-0646, or e-mailed to <nspitle@emory.edu>.

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