Voices of Emory

Do you think publicly-funded single-sex education is appropriate?

Dave Buchta
"I believe it is appropriate because it allows those who have beliefs about the separation of the sexes for purposes of containing their lust, basically, to be able to function in society."

Carrie Landrum
"I think it is important because it gives everyone the opportunity to concentrate fully on their education."

Alyson Stang

Political Science
"Single-sex education, especially for young women at the elementary and secondary school levels, can play a vital role in shaping self-esteem and leadership ability. So, yes, as long as equal educational opportunities are available to all genders, publicly-funded single-sex education is appropriate."

Karie Davis
Political Science
"Absolutely not. We don't live in a single-sex world, and I think that a true education should reflect the world in which one is to live."

Dave Ackerman
Political Science
"I think it is fine as long as I'm mixed with the opposite sex."

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