Emory gets a new home page

After several months of discussion and input, the Emory Web Project is getting ready to introduce a new home page that will make information access easier. The new page, scheduled to be available this week, will feature a new structure, improved navigational tools and new graphics.

The new home page will actually be two home pages, one for people at Emory and one for people outside of Emory. The internal home page will feature revised and expanded sections for libraries and students. The external home page will feature information for visitors, prospective students and alumni.

The new page will include improved navigational tools. Leaders of the Emory Web Project have recently installed a new search facility that allows searches by concepts as well as keywords. The alphabetical index is also being revised and expanded.

In addition, a new set of graphics is being introduced that will be faster and easier to navigate.

We welcome your feedback on the new home page. For inquiries or comments, send e-mail to www@emory.edu.

Marie Matthews is Web Master in the Information Technology Division.

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