African American Theology Student Caucus celebrates Betty Stroud Day

With the theme of "Honoring Our Elders," the School of Theology's African American Student Caucus observed Heritage Week and designated Feb. 13 as Betty Stroud Day. Stroud, a custodian in Bishops Hall, has been at Emory for 24 years and is pictured here with five of her six daughters: (l-r) Clotse M. Harris, Tracy E. Harris, Angela Bailey, Betty Stroud, Vickie Edwards and Phyllis Stroud.

"We wanted to honor those who have gone before us and have allowed us to be in certain places," said theology student Karen Green. "Betty Stroud is one of those elders. All of us are a part of the community. Her presence and contributions are important to the students. She is not a woman of many words, but she is always there to speak a word -- the kind of things in our community that keep us going over the long haul."

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