Should execution by firing squad be permitted as a form of capital punishment?

Keila Brown
First-year student
School of Medicine
"I don't think it should be a form of capital punishment. It seems to be a crueler form of execution. I think a life sentence without parole would be a better form of punishment, because execution seems like an easy way out."

Sam Toomeh
"No. I think it is a little too vulgar."

John Cason
"Absolutely, in a non-vital part of the body so they suffer a slow and painful death."

Dan Gurley
Research Specialist
Genetics and Molecular Medicine
"Sure. It's probably cheaper than the electricity. It also saves organs for transplantation and research."

Edrica Webb
Electrical, High Voltage
"Absolutely not. Capital punishment is reproducing crime. I'm not one to say that convicts and criminals should sit around in jail, but I don't believe in capital punishment."

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