Carter returns to the classroom

Former President Jimmy Carter made his first foray back into the classroom on Jan. 25 when he lectured at the International Students Forum. He will guest lecture once a month to students and faculty, according to Carter Center Associate Director of Programs Steven Hochman.

Carter, who has been University Distinguished Professor since 1982, lectured in University classes until he launched The Atlanta Project in late 1991. Since then, Carter has continued to address students at the annual Carter Town Hall Meeting. "The Atlanta Project now is moving toward a new phase, and President Chace asked President Carter if he'd devote more time to teaching," Hochman said.

The list of classes Carter will lecture in has not yet been approved; however, Hochman said that Carter will lecture this spring in Political Science 385V, "Public Policy and Nongovernmental Organizations," a class taught by Carter Center directors and fellows.

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