Psychology collaborates with local artists in continuing exhibit

Students attending classes in the Psychology Building this year have had an excuse to let their eyes wander during long lectures. Acting out of a mutual need, professional artists in the Atlanta area have collaborated with faculty in the psychology department to exhibit their work throughout the building.

"The building was bare," said Candy Tate, administrative assistant in the psychology department. "We discussed the possibility of hanging artwork in the building during March and April of 1995." Tate said Psychology Chair Marshall Duke had considered this possibility with Amalio Amaki, an Emory Ph.D. graduate from the Institute of the Liberal Arts and a current teacher at the Atlanta School of Art. A display of her work in the building was the result.

A reception for Amaki was held last fall. "When we had the reception, other artists were there," Tate said. "[Duke] mentioned the possibility of rotating the artwork in the building." The second artist to exhibit his work was sculptor Omar Thompson, whose display began on Nov. 30. Thompson is a ceramist and a teacher at Graham High School in Fulton County.

According to Duke, photographer Jim Alexander will display his photos in the building during the month of February as part of Black History Month. Duke is currently making arrangements for other artists to display their work as well. "Once artists see that the support is there, they come out of the woodwork," Duke said. "Students and faculty like it--the change it brings is amazing. We have work hanging in the classrooms, seminar rooms, conference rooms and in the lobby."

Duke is discussing the possibility of having similar exhibits in other buildings surrounding the Energy Plaza with Bill Fox, vice president for Institutional Advancement. Duke said Fox was very interested in the idea. "It would be a nice thing for other professional artists," Duke said. "We have the space, and they want the display. It's a nice combination from which both parties benefit."

-- Danielle Service

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