Campaign is completed, many projects still in progress

When the Emory Campaign began, goals were set for specific projects. As with any campaign, donors pledge and give to areas and projects in which they have a particular interest. Often, when the campaign is over, and the overall goals are met, very specific goals are left not fully funded. In addition, as Emory has grown and changed in the last five years, new priorities have emerged.

As The Emory Campaign is wrapped up, the University already is looking ahead -- to new projects that need to be addressed, to completing funding for projects begun with campaign funds, to new programs needed to enable Emory to continue its rise in the world of higher education.

Performing Arts Center

In his inaugural address on April 5, 1995, President Bill Chace affirmed the University's commitment to establishing an arts center. "We must build a center for the performing arts; its absence has to be remedied and remedied well," he said. The Performing Arts Center is one of the initiatives that will be addressed in fundraising efforts following the campaign.

Endowment for schools, academic programs, faculty support and scholarships

In 1989, when the University Priorities Committee (UPC) made its recommendations for how campaign funds should be allocated, growth of the faculty and a greater number of stipends for graduate students were at the top of the list. Growth in endowment in the various schools was strongly recommended as well. These are areas that must receive continued attention if Emory is to, in the words of the UPC report, "consolidate our recent gains and to fuel the next stage in our development."

Chemistry renovation and expansion

The needed renovation and expansion of the Atwood Chemistry Center is estimated at $26.3 million. The campaign resulted in gifts totaling $5.2 million; additional funding is being sought for this project.

Oxford Fine Arts building

Like the Atlanta campus, the Oxford campus is in need of a quality fine arts building. The projected cost for this building is between $3.7 million and $7 million, depending on final program development.

Emory Alumni House

Long a project Emory has wanted to accomplish, the new Alumni House may be nearing reality. Approximately $1 million is in place to purchase and renovate Scholar's Press; more is needed to complete the renovation.

Physics building

A new building is needed for the physics department. Physics was one of the departments that the UPC report referred to when it stated, "Without buildings, these departments are stymied at a level well below that which is acceptable for the University." The building has a projected cost of more than $15 million.

Candler Library renovation

A "thorough renovation" of Candler Library was recommended by the UPC. This project is still in the early stages of determining costs and plans.

Technology/equipment for virtual library

Although funds have been raised for the virtual library project and for renovations of and an addition to Woodruff Library, it is clear from the rapidly-changing landscape of technology that additional equipment will be necessary for the virtual library project to become a reality.