When you die would you rather be buried or cremated?

Min Kim
"I would say cremated. I think it is cheaper. I'm not one for a big ceremony after death. I wouldn't want to be more of a burden to people after I die. I would prefer to be of the least financial burden."

Susan Rouse
Graduate Student
"Neither, because I would donate my body to science."

Kelly Turney
Equal Opportunity Programs
"Cremated. But I'd prefer to donate my body to medical research and I've already arranged for that."

Beth Geisler
"Buried. I'm Catholic. I think they've been more on the side of burial, but I know they're considering cremation, but it's more of a personal choice."

Laurie Renfro-Collins
Administrative Assistant
Equal Opportunity Programs
"I prefer to be cremated. Land is too valuable to be wasted on the dead."