Deadline nears for Emory tags

The deadline is July 31 to apply for an Emory commemorative license tag. The state must receive 500 applications before the commemorative tag will be manufactured. The cost of the special license tag is $25 annually, in addition to the usual tag fee, ad valorum tax and mailing fee.

Applications are available from the University Secretary's Office, 407 Administration Building, by phone at 727-6020, or by e-mail at <adminck>. Forms should be returned directly to the Motor Vehicle Division, along with a $25 check by July 31.

Emory Report plans Olympic coverage

The next issue of Emory Report will be published on Monday, Aug. 5, and will include coverage of Olympic-related events on campus, as well as a preview of Emory's role in the Paralympic Games scheduled for Aug. 17-22. Emory Report will resume weekly publication on Monday, Aug. 26.

Submissions welcomed

Emory Report welcomes submissions of editorials from faculty and staff. Articles should address a topic of general interest to the Emory community and be 700-900 words in length. Articles may be edited for clarity and length.

Letters to the editor should generally run less than 300 words, and may be edited for clairty and length. Please include your name and department. Submissions may be sent to Emory Report, 741 Gatewood Road, faxed to 727-0646, or e-mailed to <>.

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