Olympic Torch Relay to pass down Clifton Road Thursday

On Thursday, July 18, the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay will pass through Emory's campus on a route that runs down Clifton Road from North Decatur Road to Briarcliff Road. Emory and other organizations along Clifton Road have been asked to let employees know about the timing of the torch relay so employees can line the sidewalks along Clifton Road and welcome the torch.

The torch relay schedule:

10:38-relay at North Decatur and Burlington Road
10:41-turns right on Clifton Road
10:42-relay at Asbury Circle (now Fishburne Dr.) and Clifton
10:45-relay at Egleston Childrens Hospital
10:47-Gatewood Road
10:49-relay at Houston Mill
10:52-relay at Clifton Way/Turner Lane
10:57-relay at Old Briarcliff Way
10:59-turns right on Briarcliff Road

"The torch run will be a wonderful way for the Emory community to celebrate together the Olympic spirit," said Bill Fox, chair of Emory's Olympic efforts.

Supervisors are encouraged to allow employees, if possible, to walk over to Clifton Road and cheer on the torch, according to Alice Miller, associate vice president of Human Resources.

Traffic northbound on Clifton Road from North Decatur will only be slightly affected, according to Erick Gaither, executive director of community services. "The torch relay will be a rolling motorcade with no streets blocked except when it passes an intersection," said Gaither. "There are no plans now to block traffic on the southbound side of Clifton." An Emory Police car will lead the torch relay along Clifton Road.

The Business School plans to hang its graduation banner along the scaffolding of its new building, which is under construction, and has faxed out invitations to local business school alumni to come and welcome the torch in front of the new building. In honor of the passing of the Olympic Torch, the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Administration Building temporarily will uncover "The History of Medical Science," a major mosaic artwork by Sirio Tonelli to be dedicated for permanent display later this fall. The Law School is planning to have banners along the terrace of Gambrell Hall welcoming the torch.

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