What do you think should be the major issue of the presidential campaign?

Josh Stack
"I think that people in America are becoming more in tune with politics and with their elected representatives. So I think one issue is to focus on the people, to make sure you are representing them and not just passing a platform. Because you are an elected leader when it boils down to it."

Daphne Wiggins
Graduate Student
Institute of Liberal Arts
"A major issue should be provision of health care for everyone. There still needs to be additional work on the tax structure, particularly eliminating loopholes for the rich."

Clark Lemons
Associate Professor,
English, Oxford College
"Wise use of resources, natural and human. Misguided selfishness keeps us from long range benefits."

Tom Gunn
Student Records Specialist
Registrar's Office
"I think that business about financial aid to educational projects and programs and funding research should be major issues. It [educational spending] is vital for our national security as much as spending for defense. We need more not less."

Jamie Bailey
Graduate Student
School of Theology
"The restoration of American identity which has been lost in the last 25 years."

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