New Emory commemorative tags to be available

The state of Georgia will replace all its vehicle license plates beginning Jan. 1, 1997, including the commemorative tags for Emory and other colleges and universities within the state.

Those who have an Emory commemorative tag and would like to request the new one need to reapply for the commemorative tag by July 31. Those who do not currently have an Emory commemorative tag but would like the new one also must apply for the new tag by July 31. The state must receive 500 applications before the commemorative tag will be manufactured.

The cost of the special license plate is $25 annually, in addition to the usual tag fee, ad valorem tax and mailing fee.

Those wishing to apply for the Emory commemorative tag should contact the University Secretary's Office at 727-6020 and request the official MV-9C application form provided by the state Department of Revenue.

All forms must be completed and returned to the University Secretary's Office, along with a $25 check made payable to "The Motor Vehicle Division," by July 19, so that there will be sufficient time to process the requests and forward them to the Motor Vehicle Division on behalf of the University.

Scam targets Emory employees

According to the Emory Police Department, several Emory employees have been victims of a scam. A clean cut, well-dressed young man has been flagging down motorists in the Emory area to ask for money. He goes by the name Bruce Baker and claims to be an Emory physician or medical student. He tells the victim a story about his car trouble, and asks for more than $100 to get his car repaired. Police believe that he may be targeting Emory personnel by watching for parking hang tags. Numerous complaints have been filed by motorists who were not repaid.

If you encounter someone who matches this description, please contact the police as quickly as possible. The Emory Police Department can be reached by dialing 911 on campus or by calling 727-6111 from off campus or from a cellular phone.

For further information, call the Emory Police Department at 727-8005.

International staff directory planned

The Office of International Affairs is planning to create a directory of Emory staff with international experience or expertise. The directory will be available on the World Wide Web as a resource for the University and external communities. Staff members will receive a form this month requesting information on their international knowledge and experience. The office requests that staff return the survey form by July 1.

For further information on the directory project, contact the Office of International Affairs at 727-7504 or by e-mail at <>.

Emory Report announces summer schedule

The Emory Report publication schedule for the remainder of the summer includes the following:

Publication date Deadline
June 24June 17
July 15July 8
Aug. 5July 29

Weekly publication for fall semester will resume on Aug. 26, and the deadline for that issue is Aug. 19.

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