Employee Council

Campus child care continues to be a major topic of discussion at Employee Council meetings.

At the Council's May 15 meeting, several members of the Special Issues Committee expressed concern that Emory offers no after-school child care and no full-day summer programs that last for more than two or three weeks. The Committee plans to recommend that the University consider offering after-school care for older children (the Clifton Child Care Center serves infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers only) and expanding the summer sports camp programs to full days for a larger portion of the summer.

The Committee also plans to recommend that a component of the University's Parental Leave Policy be reconsidered. The current policy states that in the event of a birth or an adoption by two parents who both work at Emory, the couple is allowed a total of 12 weeks of unpaid leave time between them (after all other leave balances have been exhausted). In cases where only one parent works at Emory, the Emory employee is permitted to take the entire 12 weeks.

Jay Harris of Facilities Management and Patricia Chebat of the business school were elected as Council representatives to the University Senate Traffic and Parking Committee for 1996-97.

--Dan Treadaway

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