The Plug

Caller wants correct time
"I am wondering why the clock on the clock tower is never accurate."
Name withheld by request.

Caller disappointed with EmoryCare
"I have a huge disappointment in the EmoryCare health insurance program. I had surgery three weeks ago and the surgeon is having difficulty justifying the importance of that with EmoryCare. I would like to have this investigated more. Why are they giving Emory employees such a hard time?"
Name withheld by request.

How to call the Plug
"The Plug" is a phone line dedicated to letting you connect to the Emory community. Simply call 727-ERPL (727-3775) and leave your message. We'll run those comments in a monthly "Plug" column. If we receive numerous calls on the same topic, we will print representative excerpts, and we'll withhold your name at your request. There's no more room to complain that there's no one to call. Just grab the phone and start dialing.

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