Search committee for Dean of Emory College named

A search committee has been named to begin the process of finding a new Emory College dean and vice president for Arts and Sciences to replace David Bright who will step down at the end of the 1996-97 academic year. The committee, whose members are listed below, had its initial meeting on June 5.

The charge of the committee, according to Provost Billy Frye, is "to provide us--by next spring, if possible--with a slate of at least three of the strongest possible candidates." Frye said that equal consideration is to be given to internal and external candidates and nominees, and that every effort will be made to identify women and minority candidates.

Members of the Emory community are encouraged to communicate with the committee concerning the criteria to be used and nominations for the post, according to Frye in a letter that went out to faculty earlier this month. "The College, and its dean and vice president, are of central importance to Emory," he wrote, "and it is imperative, therefore, that we bring to this post someone who will share our high aspirations for the College, possess the leadership skills to help us attain those aspirations, and enjoy the widest possible support of the faculty and administration."

Correspondence concerning the search should be sent to the search committee, c/o Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Harriett King, 404 Administration Building.

Emory College Dean Search Committee

Robert Paul, Chair
Professor, Institute of the Liberal Arts

Dwight Andrews
Associate Professor of Music

Rudolph Byrd
Associate Professor and Director, African American Studies

Gray Crouse
Associate Professor of Biology

Dwight Duffus
Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science

Marshall Duke
Candler Professor of Psychology

Margot Finn
Associate Professor of History

Wendi Geffen '97C
Student Government Association

David Goldsmith
Professor of Chemistry

Ben Johnson III '65C
Alumni Trustee

Gay Robins
Associate Professor of Art History

Paul Rubin
Professor of Economics

Tom Walker
Professor of Political Science

Harriet King (Provost's liaison)
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

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