U.S. News ranks medicine, law and business schools in top 25

Emory's graduate programs in medicine, law and business were again ranked among the top 25 in the United States by U.S. News & World Report. The rankings will appear in the March 18 issue of the magazine.

The business school's MBA program was ranked 22, up from 23 last year. U.S. News determined rankings for the nation's 292 accredited MBA programs using measures of student selectivity, placement success and two measures of reputation that included a survey of business school deans and MBA program directors and a survey of U.S. corporate recruiters. The business school ranked 21 (up from 25 in 1995) in student selectivity, 20 (25) in placement success, 33 (35) in reputation rank by academics, and 25 (32) in reputation rank by recruiters.

"Moving up in all the categories which U.S News uses to define quality is a reflection of the increasingly high regard and support that business leaders in Atlanta, and throughout the nation, have for the accomplishments of our alumni, students, faculty and staff," said Dean Ron Frank.

The School of Law was ranked 23 this year, up from 25 last year. Rankings for the 178 U.S. accredited law schools were determined using measures similar to those of business school rankings, except that an additional category, faculty resources, was factored in. The law school ranked 36 (33 in 1995) in student selectivity, 42 (56) in placement success, 19 (24) in faculty resources, 24 (25) in reputation by academics, and 21 (24) in reputation by lawyers and judges.

"I'm very pleased that the work we've been doing is recognized nationally, particularly with practicing lawyers as evidenced by our reputation ranking by lawyers and judges," said Dean Woody Hunter. Hunter attributed the improvement of the placement success ranking to hard work by Career Services Director Carolyn Bregman '82L and her staff in placing and finding job opportunities for law school graduates across the country.

The law school's program in trial advocacy, the Trial Techniques Program, received additional recognition in the survey; it was ranked among the top 10 by faculty experts in that field. "Credit for that should go to Professor Bill Ferguson for his leadership of the Trial Techniques program," said Hunter.

The School of Medicine was ranked 24 among research-oriented medical schools, down from 23 last year among the 125 U.S. medical schools. The medical school ranked 34 (34 in 1995) in student selectivity, 10 (10) in faculty resources, 31 (33) in research activity, 23 (25) in reputation rank by academics, and 20 (19) in reputation rank by intern/section directors.

"This has been a good year for rankings for the medical school in all of our missions of patient care, teaching and research," said Dean Jeff Houpt. "One of out of every eight students applying to medical school in the United States applied to Emory, and our current students had a 100 percent pass rate on Step 1 of the U.S. Licensing Examination, compared to 91 percent nationally. And despite our decision to remain relatively small, the school ranks 20th among all American medical schools in terms of federal research dollars received, and two of our departments rank among the top 10 in National Institutes of Health funding, all measures of extraordinary research strength. We're delighted to once again find ourselves in the top rankings of U.S. News & World Report."

-- Jan Gleason

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