What do you think dreams signify?

Pamela Hambrick
"I think dreams signify feelings and fantasies that people have suppressed."

Liz Pine
English, Religion
"Your desires, your passions--be they positive or negative. Especially intense dreams often reveal current situations in one's life--but what is so remarkable about this is that the subconscious may offer solutions to problems. Have faith in the subconscious mind. Your thoughts are completely free, simply uninhibited in your sleep."

Nathan Ertel
"Bats! Bats! My therapist told me to ignore them."

David Jackson
"I think dreams signify what the person who dreams them wants them to mean."

Julie Hale
Customer Service
Electrical Inspection
"Dreams that I have, I can usually see that they are analogies to problems I'm having during the day. Sometimes they're like a message from the other side of life."

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