The Olympics Report:

Communicating Olympic information

to faculty, staff and students

The following channels have been set up to release updated information on the Olympics.

*Olympic Report column in Emory Report - an occasional update published as new information becomes available.

*Emory and the Olympics web site: now available at

*Central information telephone line: will offer a recorded message of updated information; to become available in May.

*Newsletters: Human Resources' "Together at Emory" newsletter as well as divisional/departmental newsletters and hospital publications will provide information.

*Olympic Update flyers: distributed by Human Resources.

*Voice mail distribution: for time-critical messages.

*MARTA bulletins: Updates on MARTA operations to be distributed by Parking and Community Services.

*Staff Fest information booths: an Olympic information booth as well as a Clean Commute Information Booth will be open during Staff Fest on May 16.

*Management Symposium: to be held in June. Sponsored by Human Resources, the symposium will provide the most current information on University-wide initiatives.

*Presentations: Upon request, members of the subcommittee will make presentations to departments or groups.

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