Emory Report offers employees an outlet

Sometimes there is just no one to call . . . to air a grievance, to praise a program, to simply comment on some issue or event that at the moment, simply has to be commented upon.

Now there is. Emory Report announces "The Plug," a phone line dedicated to letting you connect to the Emory community. Simply call 727-ERPL (727-3775) and leave your message. We'll run those comments in a monthly "Plug" column. If we receive numerous calls on the same topic, we will print representative excerpts, and we'll withhold your name at your request. We can't promise to change the world, but we will let you plug your opinion.

It's your chance to plug the information gap, to plug your program, to pull the plug on popular misperception, to get in a plug for any cause you want to support.

There's no more room to complain that there's no one to call. Just grab the phone and start dialing.

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