Do you think negative campaigning hurts or helps the candidate?

Andrea Duke
"I think negative campaigning hurts the candidate. It hurts them because they spend so much time focusing on the faults of their opponents instead of promoting their own platform."

Kelly Powell
Post-doctoral Fellow
"I think it hurts. I think it takes the focus away from what that candidates' views are which is the primary concern in whether or not to elect a certain candidate."

Walter Escobar
"I think that it probably ends up hurting the candidate. Everybody has negative things in their background. What you say is more of a reflection on the kind of person you are."

Lysandra Brown
"I do think negative campaigning hurts the candidate, because it takes the focus off what they are capable of. If he is accused of money laundering, that affects me, but if he is just having an affair then that has no bearing on his ability to perform in public office. The general public disapproves of negative campaigning even if it's irrelevant."

Esan Simon
Second-Year Student
School of Medicine
"It hurts. I don't see what their points of view really are. I think it's all a part of of advertising, as opposed to addressing issues and providing solutions."

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