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Nine new sites have joined the Emory web this month. Two of these sites, "Emory and the Olympics" and the "Emory Commencement" page, deserve particular mention.

If you have questions about how the Olympics will affect you, your commute to work, your job or just your life, take a look at "Emory and the Olympics" at http://www.emory.edu/ WELCOME/Olympics/olympicshome.html. This "survival guide" will help you find the answers you need to prepare for the challenges, opportunities and changes that will be part of the summer's events.

If you are interested in what will be happening at commencement, take a look at http://www.emory.edu/COMMENCEMENT/. This offical guide to commencement contains the schedule of events and parking information.

Most popular sites on the Emory web

The most popular sites on the Emory web share two characteristics: they all provide useful content, and they are all updated frequently. The MedWeb Index of Biomedical Resources, which accounts for four of the top nine pages, was cited in the March issue of MacUser Magazine as one of the "101 Must-See Sites" on the web.

> >
14,761MedWeb Home Page
11,605W3 Index of Web Servers in Georgia
10,731MedWeb: Electronic Journals
8,837Job Openings
7,931U.S. Federal Courts Finder
6,375Carter Center
5,754MedWeb Search
4,542MedWeb: Mental Health Resources

For more information contact www@emory.edu. Web Watch is provided by Marie Matthews, Web Master in the Information Technology Division.

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