Ongoing Studies

Neurology study of older adults

Adults ages 50 to 60 who are basically healthy are being recruited by School of Medicine researchers for participation in a neurology study. Volunteers should neither have symptoms of Alzheimer's nor a family history of the disease. They will serve as the control (healthy) subjects for the study. Participants will be asked to undergo approximately two to four hours of free medical evaluation. Call 728-6544.

Estrogen replacement therapy and Alzheimer's study

Neurology researchers are recruiting patients for a study to look at the use of estrogen replacement therapy to treat Alzheimer's disease. Women with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease who also have undergone a hysterectomy may qualify for participation. Women should not currently be taking any type of estrogen hormone and should be in relatively good health. All medication, tests and examinations associated with the study are free. Call 728-6340.

Sore throat pain study

The Department of Anesthesiology needs volunteers for a study of the effectiveness of capsaicin in relieving sore throat pain. Volunteers will undergo a throat exam, give a brief medical history, and then eat a flavored lollipop containing capsaicin, a natural ingredient found in red pepper. Researchers will measure the intensity of sore throat pain during and after time the lollipop is eaten. Volunteers should have a moderate to severe sore throat. Volunteers will be paid. Call 727-3882.

Prostate enlargement study

Division of Urology researchers are recruiting men older than 50 for a National Institutes of Health study of medical therapy for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), a noncancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. Qualified men must not have had prior treatment for prostate enlargement. Symptoms include frequent nighttime urination and difficulty urinating. Volunteers who qualify for the study receive free laboratory tests and office visits. Call 778-4162 or 778-5422.

Compulsive shopping study

Emory psychiatric researchers are recruiting volunteers for a study testing a medication that may reduce compulsive or excessive buying behavior. Symptoms include engaging in shopping to a distressing degree; out-of-control buying habits; and financial or relationship problems caused by shopping habits. Qualified participants should be between 18 and 65 years of age and have no major medical problems. All research care is provided at no cost to those who qualify. Upon completion of the study, participants will be referred for additional assistance if needed or desired. Call 727-8968.

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