Crichlow, McQuaide honored at Oxford

At the Oxford College commencement on May 11, the Eady Sophomore Service Award was presented to Torio Crichlow by Dean of Campus Life Joe Moon (above) who characterized Crichlow as "a dreamer who takes action" and her commitment to community service as "nothing short of remarkable." Crichlow founded Crossroads, an organization that matched Newton County middle school students with Oxford students who served as role models and friends. She worked with middle school teachers and parents, and organized orientation sessions to train the Oxford students to be effective mentors.

Associate Professor of Sociology Mike McQuaide was the recipient of the Fleming Award, presented for exemplary teaching and service. Described by last year's recipient, Lucas Carpenter, as "one of the most creative and dynamic teachers" on the Oxford faculty, as a "meticulous, demanding and inspiring teacher," and as an "invaluable role model for students and for colleagues," McQuaide is particularly known for his "staggeringly popular" social problems class. After citing comments from students, alumni and other faculty members, Carpenter said that McQuaide is "a true master teacher in the Oxford tradition."

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