No-fault divorce can be life-saving

I would like to reply to Mr. Berger's recent first-person article regarding "no-fault divorce." I certainly agree with his observation that more education is needed regarding relationships, commitment and problem-solving. I also agree that family counseling should be more affordable, but that's where our agreement ends.

As a divorced person who spent more than 22 years in a bad marriage for those reasons that Mr. Berger says people should try to stay together, I can tell you that no-fault divorce may have saved my life. Through my personal experience, I believe that even if only one person is unhappy in a relationship, that is enough reason to end it.

Mr. Berger must either be single or have chosen his mate well. He is a very lucky person. I have many friends, both male and female, who are divorced. I don't know any who divorced because they were bored or because their marriage simply lacked passion. I certainly don't know anyone, especially a parent, who would choose to be single over being happily married. Divorce is unpleasant, extremely difficult both emotionally and financially, and it doesn't happen overnight.

People are waiting longer to get married now. Maybe that means that they are being more cautious and divorce rates in the future will drop. As for Mr. Berger, I hope he will enjoy a long and happy marriage. I also hope that he will come to understand that most people who are divorced are not necessarily weak or lazy, but just became a victim of circumstance.

Kathi Ovnic

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