Should states allow same-sex marriages?

Rodrick Butler
"I don't believe they should. That's my personal belief. I don't believe God intended for same sexes to marry. I don't believe it would be a conducive environment to raise kids. I believe it would be to the detriment of our society."

Leise Knoepp
Biology, Creative Writing
"Yes. Because I personally believe that homosexuality has biological factors involved and I don't think people would choose to be that way considering how society treates them. It's really a bias toward certain religions, and America's not supposed to be biased."

Greg Bloom
"Absolutely. Because marriage is a matter of feeling; not a matter of gender. It's strictly a relationship between two humans."

Lori Teague
Faculty Lecturer
Dance and Physical Education
"Yes. I think love should be acknowledged on all levels."

Justin Gricus
"Yes I do. I just don't see a problem. Why would that be an issue with the law? If you have two people who want to get married--two people who want to spend their lives together--they should be able to."

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